Centre for Attention to Victims of Ill-Treatment and Torture

We have attend more than 1,000 people affected by violence. We seek to guarantee mechanisms for strategic and psycho-legal investigation of rights violations. We seek to strengthen people's coping and resilience mechanisms.

We work with people to regain control of their lives and defend the truth of their stories. We fight against violence

Documenting human rights violations

We work to ensure mechanisms for thestrategic and psycho-legal investigation of human rights violations.

All our work is complemented by advocacy and networking actions. We also offer training to groups and professionals.


Forensic Evaluation

Forensic medical evaluations with psycho-legal and psycho-legal attention. We are specialized in the application of the Istanbul Protocol.

Therapeutic care

Psychological and psychiatric care and therapeutic accompaniment


We investigate violence and its consequences. We develop new perspectives and theoretical developments.


Spaces for discussion and theoretical-practical learning. Attention and Team supervision.


Our center runs a research area dedicated to the medical-psychological study of the contemporary concept of torture and other human rights violations related to our work. We research violence and its consequences. We seek to share our research. We aim to generate new perspectives and theoretical developments.