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We offer virtual and in-person educational spaces based on our experience in assisting survivors of abuse and torture.


We study the contemporary concept of torture and investigate human rights violations related to our work.


Our training offerings include:


Istanbul Protocol

Training for international and national teams on the implementation of the United Nations Manual for the Documentation and Investigation of Torture. Training in forensic counter-expertise.

Torturing Environments

Training for adapting the Torture Environment Scale and its use in various contexts.

Psycho-legal strategies for reports

Application of the psycholegal approach in medical-psychological documentation for International Protection procedures and other proceedings.

Psychosocial approach

Integration of the psychosocial perspective in intervention and support for survivors of torture or political violence.

Critical analysis of the intervention

Methodologies for intervention and support with a critical approach and promotion of human rights.

Transcultural psychology and psychiatry

The transcultural approach requires incorporating an anti-racist perspective into our work

Accompaniment for migrants and refugees

Therapeutic care from a psychosocial, gender-sensitive, rights-based, and transcultural perspective.

VIVO Questionnaire

Impact of traumatic events and the use of the VIVO questionnaire

Support for professional teams

Clinical supervision

We offer support and guidance to professionals working in the field of mental health and care for individuals who are victims of political violence, abuse, and torture.

Support for teams

Working with situations of violence can lead to processes of burnout and suffering, which not only cause distress and reduce the ability to provide support, but also hinder teamwork. Therefore, our team conducts clinical supervision sessions with other professionals to establish new support spaces, identify types of violence, share distress, and develop new joint coping strategies.

Do you work in an organization and would you like your team to train with us? Contact us.

The Center for the Care of Victims of Torture, Sira,
is a network of therapeutic, legal, and psychosocial support,
specializing in contexts of violence.

Calle Pinos Baja, 41
28029 Madrid

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