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Our center runs a research area dedicated to the medical-psychological study of the contemporary concept of torture and other human rights violations related to our work. We research violence and its consequences. We seek to share our research. We aim to generate new perspectives and theoretical developments.

Training programs

We offer virtual and in-person educational spaces based on our experience in assisting survivors of abuse and torture.


We develop theoretical and applied work in relation to violence and its consequences. Our work is structured around three interrelated objectives:


Theoretically conceptualize models that serve to understand violence and trauma.


Develop innovative assessment tools adapted to the context.


Evaluate the community impacts of violence and conduct action research with communities affected by it.

Un espacio para compartir y colaborar 

The area carries out its work in the field of Human Rights and Mental Health, with a special emphasis on the assessment and impacts of abuse and torture.

Together withGrupo de Acción Comunitaria (GAC), we have a portal designed to share with other professionals the standardized instruments used by our team, as well as the results of our work.


How can we help you?

We document human rights violations and support their victims. We specialize in documenting abuse and torture through the application of the Istanbul Protocol and in providing comprehensive care for victims of human rights violations.


Meet us

Our organization is made up of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, medicine, law, communication, and management.


The Center for the Care of Victims of Torture, Sira,
is a network of therapeutic, legal, and psychosocial support,
specializing in contexts of violence.

Calle Pinos Baja, 41
28029 Madrid

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